Wilhelm Kächele GmbH has been developing and producing stators and rotors for more than half a century. Successfully.

Already in 1930 Professor René Moineau filed a patent application: the progressive cavity pump. Since then the pump technology has become indispensable.

The principle of a rotating metal part in a tube lined with helically formed elastomer combines the advantages of other pumps and is superior to them. Whether viscose, abrasive, highly viscose, solid-content, chemical corrosive or inhomogeneous materials: the progressive cavity pump is suitable for the most variable areas of application.

From the construction and manufacture of tools through elastomer production up to the production of stators and rotors: At Wilhelm Kächele GmbH you get experience and application, coupled with innovative ideas, always from one source. Our engineers take advantage of the many years of our company's experience and develop with you tailored solutions.

The requirements placed on the stator types differ, however our customers and we ourselves place the same requirements on the stators and rotors: Longevity and with it connected a long service life, low costs, and maximum reliability.

The oil and gas industry the production of crude oil places always places new challenges on elastomer, steel, and shape. High pressures, short construction lengths, even rubber wall thickness: these characteristic are combined in Even Wall® stators of Kächele. All areas of pump technology profit from the realization of new product ideas and manufacturing processes.

Stators for dosage pumps enable the exact promotion and dosage of even the smallest amounts regardless of the form of the material.

In industries where the highest requirements on hygiene and foodstuff compatibility are placed Kächele offers stators with foodstuff licenses and stainless steel tubes and thus supports, among others, dairies, breweries, and distilleries, as well as fruit and vegetable processing companies, chocolate manufacturers and olive oil mills during their daily processes.

Also in environmental technology Kächele has always the suitable stators when it comes to pumping sewing water and sludge or transporting foodstuff waste, waste grease and pomace in biogas facilities.

For the construction industry Kächele offers a wide portfolio to cylinder and EVEN WALL® stators to the respective full and hollow rotors. A number of models in various models are produced by Kächele in large numbers in constant high quality at compatible prices.

Kächele counts on an intensive partnership with renowned pump manufacturers. Thanks to the close cooperation innovative solutions are created with which Kächele stands out from the spare parts market, also through top quality. For now more than 50 years.

EVEN WALL® Pumping Technology
Thomas Teichert
Thomas Teichert
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