Innovation, perfection, precision, reliability, and flexibility - Kächele customers expect that from our company and from our products.

Flexibility for your success

It is almost impossible to imagine thousands and thousands of products without rubber because it plays vital roles: sustaining, damping, springing, insulating, even decorating. But rubber is not the same as rubber. The vibration reducing rubber in gear bearing differs substantially from the tight rubber of telecommunication satellites or heat resistant rubber in the down hole pump for oil production.

The technology of connecting rubber with other materials is a specialty of Kächele. Connecting parts are thus created for all branches of the industry rubber/metal or rubber/plastic connecting parts

In the mean time Kächele's portfolio consists of more than 3,500 individual products. From small rubber/alum component part in the braking system for the automobile industry up to six-meter long stators for eccentric screw pumps for the chemical industry. But also pure rubber form parts, such as nozzles or sealing rings are developed and produced by Kächele.

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