EVEN WALL® Drilling Technology

In drilling technology the principle of progressive cavity pumps is used in the opposite way.

Here the drilling material is transported through the stator and drives the drill head. The strain on the material is enormous: the most difficult conditions of use with partly high temperatures and aggressive material.

The EVEN WALL® technology from Kächele offers great advantages in the drilling technology: with the same performance the shape permits a shorter construction form. More flexibility and small drilling radiuses are thus feasible.

Compared to conventional stators the EVEN WALL® stator enables a greater drilling performance with constant speed also with high drilling moments through improved efficiency.

The even elastomer wall thickness is supported by the tube formed in the same manner. Thus, the contour of the stator remains stable for a long time. Swelling of the elastomer and extreme temperatures hardly represent a risk.

The technologists of Kächele have developed the optimum elastomer compounds for this. Proven for decades and still always optimized.

For each application, for each usage. The results: maximum output, high reliability, long life and minimum risk of failure. The high level of efficiency achieved thereby ensures that the increased purchasing costs are compensated. For the satisfaction of the users.

A close partnership with the drilling engine manufacturers and fitters is indispensable for Kächele. In that manner not only new construction sizes and shares are created but also innovative and trendsetting products on the basis of many years of experience. 

From the construction of the parts and tools, the elastomer development and production, through the production of the tools and the stators, as well as the matching rotors, Kächele is your partner. Flexibility for your success.

EVEN WALL® Drilling Technology
Thomas Teichert
Thomas Teichert
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