• Flexibility for your success

    Wilhelm Kächele GmbH produces and develops rubber parts and rubber connections for the most various industries. Dynamic characteristcs, chemical and thermal consistency, space, the inseparable compound between rubber and the fixed components from metal or various plastics as well as the reliability of the products are our main focus.

    Flexibility for your success
  • A flexible entry

    is particularly useful for trucks which operate on construction sites or off-road.

    A flexible entry
  • SilentBlocs

    for vibration insulation e.g. in steering systems.

  • Formschläuche, Tüllen, Gummiformteile

    Individuell für den Einsatzzweck abgestimmt.

    Formschläuche, Tüllen, Gummiformteile
  • Rubber-plastic connectors

    Inherently stable through material selection and tool concept.

    Rubber-plastic connectors
  • Rubber pistons

    The core component of piston pumps.

    Rubber pistons
  • Impeller for impeller pumps

    ingenious design and special Kächele elastomer mixtures.

    Impeller for impeller pumps
  • Gaskets for butterfly valves

    in various sizes up to DN 2000.

    Gaskets for butterfly valves
  • Buffers

    for vibration damping in various applications.

  • Rubber metal and rubber plastic parts

    to solve your challenges.

    Rubber metal and rubber plastic parts
  • Vibrastop transformer

    bearing for transformers with up to a total weight of 32t.

    Vibrastop transformer
  • Industry stators

    also with light elastomers, suitable for foodstuff.

    Industry stators
  • Wobble stator

    The wobble stator is a pure rubber form part.

    Wobble stator
  • EVEN WALL® industrial stators

    may be developed and produced in various geometrical shapes, also in several meters of length.

    EVEN WALL® industrial stators
  • EVEN WALL® industrial stators

    for dosage pumps with EVEN WALL® technology.

    EVEN WALL® industrial stators
  • EVEN WALL® plaster stators

    available in various types and sizes with and without anti-twist protection.

    EVEN WALL® plaster stators
  • EVEN WALL® hollow rotors

    for the construction industry, matching the plaster stators of Kächele.

    EVEN WALL® hollow rotors
  • Coiled-tubing stators and rotors

    of Kächele from one source.

    Coiled-tubing stators and rotors
  • Cross section of cylindrical stators

    Multiple layered stators are also used in cylindrical design in drilling technology.

    Cross section of cylindrical stators
  • Cross section of EVEN WALL® stators

    Thin and even: that's how the elastomer presents itself in EVEN WALL® stators.

    Cross section of EVEN WALL® stators
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